MIA’ing and DIY’ing


Im back!

And we got alot of catching up to do.


first of all, we finally bought our very first home! And that is where all my time has been spent.

instead of spending my weekends partying and living the dream, I now garden and spend all my free time DIY’ing. When all our projects are done and we finally jump into bed, i lie awake on my Pinetrest  looking for new ideas and new projects. It really never ends.


But now that it has calmed down a bit, I am able to share with you some of my favourite DIY and home trends i have found.

Take a look at my HOME Pinterest board and get inspired.

Here are some of my new favourite pins from my HOME board, that we WILL be doing now that it is summer again.


We spend most weekends and evening out on the Veranda which is above ground level. I hate this because it means our neighbours can basically turn their heads and look right at us, we have been  playing around with different ideas that we can do/use as a privacy screen, but i think my mind is set now on the chevron shape (Left) which is easily made out of pallet wood or pine wood. Cheap, Easy and so beautiful.

We did not have a veranda to start with so we built our own, we stained it with a dark stain (not varnish, who really wants to be sanding it down and repainting it in a few years time, iIwould rather just add another layer of stain. I hate sanding)

I am now waiting patiently for my vines to start creeping up the wooden poles (If you know me, you will know I am not the most patient person, so this is extremely hard for me) I just love the contrast of the very dark black and the green with touches of whites and creams (Right). I think it makes such a statement.

All these and more ideas on my Pinterest 


Now here are few pictures of my work, Let me know what you think 🙂


Our floating shelves (Left) in the lounge, we made these by using scaffolding wood, which are these extremely long thick pieces of wood (+-R300 per length) they were cut to size and stained. Wesley then drilled holes into the back on them (3 holes per shelf, 1 on each end and 1 in the middle) he then put stainless rods about 30 cm long, 15 cm of this was put into the drilled holes and secured with “no more nails” glue and hammered int here real good (They not going anywhere) he then drilled holes directly into the wall filled with “no more nails” and shoved the “floating sleves” in, we hammered them in to make sure they were snug. they are so solid we could probably climb onto them.


The pictures just dont do them justice, they are so thick and rustic and have such a solid look about them. nothing like the thin flimsy ones you would buy from a store.


Middle Top: (My spare room head board) these were made with left over pallet wood we were about to throw away, was such an easy project, you dont even need a man to help.


Middle Bottom (My Best Friends birthday present) All she wanted was her room to be redone, so Wesley and I got 2 large pallet for the base and stained them dark mahogany (the length is longer then mattress so there is the perfect seating area for when you putting shoes on 🙂

we then made the pallet headboard to match, all so. the whole project took us an after noon.

we then quickly threw these 3 arrows (Right) together as another gift for a friend which hang as wall art. So simple but makes such a statement.


If you would like to see more our my DIY projects, let me know, send me some inspiration I love to hear you thoughts.