How to shop online – tricks from the ‘Pros’


Extremely addictive, you WILL spend all your time and money.

My ultimates – tried and tested:



ASOS – Sign up to the ASOS newsletter. They constantly having amazing sales. you will want to know when!

Those are my go too – especially living in South Africa, there are not many sites that either deliver to South Africa or with the economy it is just unaffordable.. Boo!

Step 1: make sure you have change the currency to Rand (ZAR), this gives you a good guide line, and helps not to over spend. it is not always x10.

Step 2: once you have searched for what you are looking for, then, SEARCH BY/SORT BY,  i always choose price and shipping lowest.

you will often find the exact same item listed for triple the price.

I will always pay via PAYPAL, i have not tried any other payment portal. I just feel safer with Paypal and have never had any issues.


Well, this tends to happen more often than not.

Ebay and Paypal have an insurance for this. however there is normally a time limit – 30-90 days, which sounds like a long time, but due to our slow postal services normally it takes 5-6 weeks for your parcel just to arrive, i normally send an enquiry or request a refund for an item going missing after 7/8 weeks. i either get a refund or i wait a while longer to see if the parcel arrives if not i get a refund or request a new item.

Either request you get a tracking number so you can track your parcel yourself and you dont have to rely on the postal service to inform you.

Try and make sure you order the right size, and also keep in mind that Chinese people are teeny tiny – so a Large is more like a Small medium – Puke. i can never find the right size pants, so i stick to dresses/shirts shoes and jewellery. And that is why ASOS is there, they have normal size people sizes. hallelujah.


There is an app called HONEY which will automatically find and apply Coupons to your order. click on the link and it show you, step by step exactly how it works.

I use it all the time, it is fantastic.

always sort by price and shipping lowest

try adding Korean, Chinese to your search. eg. Korean fashion dress – you will find a lot more and better prices.

Always opt for a proven and well known payment solution ie. PAYPAL. do not take a chance.

Always make sure to check the current exchange rate. you could be spending a lot more than you were thinking.

Sign up to the ASOS newsletter – ASOS constantly have amazing sales and sometimes offer 1 day only coupons. This is where i find most of my finds.

Always take advantage of the Season sales, if the US is going to into Summer, that means they will be having a clearance on their winter stock.Ha! Well isn’t that fantastic? We will be going into winter. My winter fashion is sorted and i managed to get everything at a great price 🙂

Keep in mind there will be customs and tax charges. this can really be a killer. I always add an additional 50% on top on the price for room for customs, if it is less than 50% then, well… i score and I can buy more. if not, that really sucks.

Dont forget to take a look at the mens fashion, Incredible stuff. He will be the hunkiest piece of meat out there. you wont regret it.

Online shopping is not as intimidating as it seems, just play around until you feel comfortable.

Love and light




Valentines Day <3

So decided to share some of the cute ideas i have found for Valentines day, I know everyone needs a little inspiration at times.

Most of these are little inappropriate, but isn’t that what Valentines day is about? confessing your love in a inappropriate way? well that’s how I do it!

Below you will find some inappropriate inspiration.


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Download all 6 here.



This is super chessily awesome, download it here

Don’t forget to share your thoughts on what you have or will be doing for Valentines day.