HOW TO: Apply Eye cream correctly

So if you anything like me, you will have no idea that there is a right and wrong way to apply eye cream.

And apparently I have been applying it wrong my entire life.

By applying eye cream close to your eyes you are causing yourself puffy eyes, I always thought the closer you got your eye cream to your eye the better.I always thought that puffy eyes was caused due to lack of sleep (But I love sleep, so any excuse to nap longer)

Why does it cause puffy eyes:  Cream will travel almost an inch over time, so by applying the cream near to your crows feet it will travel into your eyes, giving you puffy eyes when you wake.


I use the Clarins Contour Gel – i have never used any other brand or eye gel/cream, if you have any recommendations, please post in the comment section below.

Take a look here at how to correctly apply your eye cream.


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