About Me

Hello!  My name is Jessica, creator of the SA beauty blog – Little Brooklyn.  I have always had a love for all things beautiful. – makeup, nail art, DIY,home decor a little bit of food and a whole lot of FASHION.


So here is my blog, my version of all things wonderful.I promise to keep it as interesting as possible.

Lets get Real:

I live in Port Elizabeth – this teeny tiny place in South Africa, with my Fiance, Wesley and our two adorable cats, Stewie and Moo – they are the cutest things you will ever set your eyes upon – (I will be that crazy cat lady – I AM NOT ASHAMED). both my cats rescues, I dont believe in breeders.

Wesley wont let me get any more cats – he can be so practical sometimes, I HATE and LOVE that about him:(

We will be building a house later this year, so decor and diy ideas will be flowing – feel free to share your finds with us, we love to hear your ideas and opinions.

“I’d best describe my personal style as, ‘Really basic but at the same time really complicated black stuff.'”


♥My Favourites:

Shopping, especially online – I will share all my incredible finds with you. all things Glitter (Obviously), Monochrome, All black e’rrthangs,Festival, anything with fringe or tassel, Diy beauty hacks, Instagram, Pintrest, Kittens, French Bulldogs, Cupcakes and sunshine and especially FRIYAYS!!!



Facebook: Little Brooklyn Facebook

Instagram: Little Brooklyn Instagram


My Favourite Blogger: Barefoot Blonde – she will show you how to do the most incredible hair styles, ones that you will actually be able to do.

My Favourite Vlogger (Video blogger): Lauren Curtis – she always gives the best make up tips and advice



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