My DIY Coffee Body scrub

Im sure you have noticed by now that I love trying out new products.

I recently stumbled upon this amazing DIY scrub on Pintrest and decided to give it a go as I had all of these products in my kitchen – why not!

It claimed to reduce cellulite and instantly moisturise our skin.

YES YES and YES again, I couldn’t believe I made this little miracle, with my bare hands – I made this!

It worked and i was left feeling incredible and my skin was so soft and shiny. I cant comment on the cellulite part because i have only used it once, but I will definatley keep you posted.


Coffee (not instant coffee – obviously – but ground coffee)

Coconut oil, Olive oil, Almond oil or baby oil (or make a little mixture)

Course salt or Brown Sugar

That is it! Scrub it everywhere!

There are so many products out there using the same ingredients, costing a small fortune for a small amount. Do yourself a favour and go home and make this yourself, you wont regret it.


You will find bits of coffee all over your bathroom – but you will be so happy with yourself you wont even mind cleaning it.



Face IT!

After this LONG weekend, I am physically exhausted. and trust me when I say I looked like a train had hit me – I needed help, and a lot of it. I popped into my closest Dischem, and I quickly grabbed the first face mask I saw – it said a sleeping face mask – I have never heard of this, but at this point anything will help. I ran myself a hot bath and chucked in my Easter themed Bath BOMB (Hoppity Poppity from Lush Cosmetics) slapped on my Freemans face mask – which was absorbed instantly and my skin felt refreshed and moisturised straight away. i went to bed without even worrying about leaving a residue on my pillow as it was completely absorbed and not even sticky which I was really worried about. when I woke I quickly ran to rinse the mask off my face. I looked alive! My skin was glowing. For only R16.95 this face mask is definitely a winner! and to top it all off, I didnt even use 1/3 of the packet. LUSH products can be shipped world wide – you will not be disappointed. 26166ee9c8134bb8659ce4d56e448761HoppityPoppity online-500x5006496-Bunch-of-Carrots---web-version-500x500   10940478_10152304168069058_90906046742770033_n