My favourite type of Procrastination – Online shopping

I often wonder where my time goes too, one minute I’m eating my breakfast and the next I am on my way home, Once again I got no work done!

I spent a whole day shopping online, AGAIN! And it was totally worth every second.

Because we are building a house, I am now obsessed with getting anything and everything for our new home, from cushions (especially shock factor cushions, something with the word FUCK or something that makes people uncomfortable, I love tat) to decorative pineapples. I tend to buy the most random items that dont often even get used.

whether you looking to buy something for yourself or as a gift, these links will be sure to help you.

These are local South African stores

Crazy cat lady like us? You NEED this pouch-

Crazy cat lady like us? You NEED this pouch-

Zana Products: – they are running a valentines day special with FREE delivery worldwide (enjoy)


Nevada furniture: – They bring in Ikea furniture to order to South Africa – Hallelujah!!!


Stickaroo : – I am SO over wall art – they have become so lame. but Stickaroo have the most creative different patterns and they are more like wall paper and not like the normal trees or quotes that you can get anywhere. Have a look, they are currently having a special for January, Buy one get one Free!


Tumbleweed :

Lastly a little gift for you beauties – use the code #LB2015 when ordering anything on Tumbleweed creations to receive a 15% discount – this is a great idea for Valentines gifts for him and her or as a gift for your mom, bridesmaid or just something for you. Any design or concept can be turned into a beautiful piece of wearable art, whether it is something simple or over the top, they will be sure to help you out.

I will be posting more of my favourite online shops – keep a look out




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