How to wear dark lipstick – Its a winter essential

Let’s face it: dark lips are all the rage and honestly we can’t get enough of them, day or night, you cant go wrong. Although this new take on the gothic classic is a bit more romantic, it’s still a beauty look with a real impact, which means you want to get the look perfected so all goes well.

Start with good basics: It is best to prepare your  lips for wearing a dark colour, start by keeping them moisturised and regularly exfoliated (no one likes a crusty/ dry lip and the dark colour really accentuates the lips, so have them looking juicey and delicuous), I always like to use a some foundation on my lips as a “primer”, I have seen other bloggers say this is a bad idea, but it works for me.

Go for glowing skin:  I really like pairing dark lips with a fresh Dewey skin –  Dark lips do not look good against red blotchey skin. look for a good BB or CC cream with a good coverage but still maintaining the “glow” or even complexion. It will help the dark lip stand out as bolder, cleaner and with more impact.

Find your best dark lip hue:  I love the Merlot/Camberet more purple based colour on fair to medium skin tone (this suits me best) – it also gives that vampy/goth look which is so in at the moment.

To line or not to Line: Personally I dont find it necessary to Line the lip when using a dark colour. But if it makes you feel more comfortable go ahead, but apply the liner before the lipstick.

My favourite Dark Shades:

Mac Cyber:   

Inglot 134:    

Inglot 109:    

Inglot: 293:    

Nyx Siren Deep Violet:   




In case you don’t hear from me. I will be in the bath – my LUSH Haul

Its no secret that I am a massive Lush fan. Perhaps their number. 1!


I recently got a new Lush package. got a refill of my favourites and decided to try some new.

I have posted video links – from other blogs – so you can see exactly what the products look like and what they do. I always like to look before I but, they are a little more in the pricey range, so definatley look what they do and listen to what others say before you buy one and it is not what you expected.

My Favourite, Think Pink:

This is my absolute favourite, its the reason I am obsessed with Lush and the reason i always need to go back.

It turns your bath water to a baby pink, if thats not enough, little paper hearts will fill your bath, like magical unicorns throwing their love at you.

It is like a bath celebration – with heart confetti and bubbles.

And the fragrance. Gosh. Get me back in the bath. RIGHT NOW!

Some new:

Granny takes a dip.

I havnt tried this one yet, but I could not be more excited.

I watched a Youtube video on it. It makes a big Rainbow in your bath.

have a look: Granny takes a dip


I havnt tried this either yet – trying to save them, as I dont have a Lush store in my town and need to wait for someone to go to Cape Town to get for me.

It is supposed to change the colour of your water and also has a bubble bath agent in it, so bubbles 🙂

It is supposed to leave your skin moisturised.

But here is a video I watched before purchasing. Twilight

Sweetie Pie: Bath Jelly.

This is my first time I have used a bath Jelly, and I was so excited. I smells devine, like i needed to eat something sweet after.

I did find it hard to get a piece of the Jelly off. but it was totally worth it.

I didnt quite know how to use it, but apparently you break a piece off and rub it in your hand with your loofah. It seemed to work and a little bit of Jelly did my whole body.

This is definately one you need to try.

Lush Sweetie Pie Bath Jelly – video link

LINKS to purchase:

Sweetie Pie Bath Jelly

Granny Takes a Dip

Think Pink


3052-500x500   Granny takes a dip web-500x5003157-500x500

Do you have any suggestions on what I should get.try with my next Lush purchase?